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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Temporary Chaptered Stories List

Yes, these are multiple chaptered series stories, maybe to become short story or even book length. The first is about a subject that rhymes with “smaportion” and the title is revealed with each new chapter, amateurish I know. The A – – – – – – – – – – part 1 of 11 The […]

Temporary Standalone Chapters Guide

So, I just added three new chapters to existing works-in-progress, so I’m going to lay out a grouping guide here until I can get a site redesign worked through. So stay tuned. First up, here are the standalone stories in no particular order: No Children Good Fertilizer My Brief Flirtations With Pets Glacial Cut & […]

Wolf Whistle (temporary home for this comic)

My site is timing out for some reason, so here’s the comic on my writing website! Hope you like it, because until I draw some more, and get in touch with my host for , this is all you get.