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Temporary Chaptered Stories List

Yes, these are multiple chaptered series stories, maybe to become short story or even book length.

The first is about a subject that rhymes with “smaportion” and the title is revealed with each new chapter, amateurish I know.

The A – – – – – – – – – – part 1 of 11

The A b – – – – – – – – – part 2 of 11

Yeah, not a lot of action on that story lately, but I will work on it some more when the mood strikes.

Next up, we have a series that I’m hoping to tie together set in a ‘sword and sorcery’ type land, and told in standalone short story chapters.  I’m not doing it perfectly, but I want to paint the villain as a sympathetic character.  Here you go:

The Mindworm

The Inn

The Caves

The Cold Thief

So there you have it. More to come, and  soon hopefully.  I also have a new chapter driven story I started on my Brother 8500-MDS word processor thing.  Happy reading.

Temporary Standalone Chapters Guide

So, I just added three new chapters to existing works-in-progress, so I’m going to lay out a grouping guide here until I can get a site redesign worked through.

So stay tuned.

First up, here are the standalone stories in no particular order:

No Children

Good Fertilizer

My Brief Flirtations With Pets


Cut & Dry

Toaster Named Reggie

These are the Types of Dreams I Have

So, there you are, for now.  I’ll either put a new theme for wordpress together, or find one that works for this type of site.

Wolf Whistle (temporary home for this comic)

My site is timing out for some reason, so here’s the comic on my writing website!

Hope you like it, because until I draw some more, and get in touch with my host for , this is all you get.

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